It's no secret that the Huskies have sported one of college football's finest defenses the last several years. But just how good has it been compared to the other elite defenses in college football? Here are some statistics that suggest that Washington's defense has not only been strong and, at times, dominant over the last [...]

The Pac-12 has released a new, 10-game, conference only football schedule for the upcoming 2020 season. Beginning the final weekend of September, the Washington Huskies will have the same four home opponents and same five road opponents as they did on the original 2020 calendar, with the addition of a new home game against UCLA. [...]

With the UW football roster out updated for 2020, here are a few significant updates from what you've seen or may have known in the past. NUMBER CHANGES There will be 15 Huskies who are changing their jersey number to different digits than what they wore a year ago. They are: #2 DB Kyler Gordon [...]